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Humvee/HMMWV Compact Custom Air Conditioning & Heat System

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Midwest Military Equipment is proud to announce our new Heat and A/C Solution Kit for the Am General HMMWV's. These systems are a complete bolt in system with every component necessary to get your ride cool in the summer and warm in the winter! This system has been custom built for the Humvee using only the highest quality components available. Systems are designed to accommodate both V-Belt configuration engines & later model serpentine drive belt engines. These work on the 6.2L, 6.5L & 6.5L Turbo Engines. Works with both 12V & 24V Electrical Systems

Click Here For Installation Instruction Manual 

Don’t catch yourself trying to mount a universal street rod system into your M998 HUMVEE – HMMWV – get Midwest Military Equipment's HUMVEE – HMMWV TruMOD Climate Control system. “Tru” to your make and model yet easily “MODifiable,” the TruMOD systems are the only customizable model specific system on the market. It has everything your M998 HUMVEE – HMMWV needs to get on the road again with high-performance air conditioning, heat and dehumidified defrost customized exactly how you want it.

Our TruMOD HUMVEE – HMMWV Climate Control systems put our “competition” to shame. We took a different approach to the engineering behind the system. Instead of focusing on a universal system that was cheap to make, we utilized the design of the HUMVEE – HMMWV. The evaporator cases are made from steel, powder coated and fully insulated which creates the coldest temperatures your HUMVEE – HMMWV has ever seen. Their computer-aided design and flexible duct hoses allow for the best performance. Designed to last a lifetime, the quality and attention to detail is evident in our systems.

Installation of the system is simple with their detailed step-by-step instructions. No special tools required and every system is always backed by the best tech support in the industry. Midwest Military Equipment has revolutionized the market with the best of the best. The best cooling capacity, the best installation and let’s face it, the best-looking system for the HUMVEE – HMMWV.

humvee hmmwv full dash with ac system

AC / Heat / Defrost:

Independent dash function. Our exclusive dash louvers provide you with powerful air conditioning that no one else on the market can touch. Restomod Air provides unmatched dehumidified defrost. Our easy defrost installation connects to the original defrost diffusers allowing for less modification in this tight space.

Direct Pass Airflow Technology:

Midwest Military Equipments evaporators are AutoCAD designed to maximize airflow using the exclusive Direct Pass technology. This gives you a greater volume of unobstructed airflow. You also benefit from larger door openings.


Keeping with the feel of the OEM controller,Midwest Military Equipment’s HUMVEE – HMMWV brand new controller mimics the stock feel, which looks greats, works perfectly, and installs in your dash with little modifications. Easy to read and clearly labeled it blends perfectly into your dash just like the original. The HUMVEE – HMMWV new controller ditches the outdated push-pull cables that came stock and goes electronic. Giving an accurate and reliable adjustment every time you want to use the system. Independent Dash and Defrost function along with a three-step blower motor are just the tip of this iceberg.



All Midwest Military Equipment's coils systems are engineered with carefully sized, (Largest on the market) separate A/C and Heat coils. The separate coils improve the cooling and heating capacity of the total system.

SPAL Fans:

State of the art High Output OEM style blower assemblies with internal heat sink speed controllers for thermal protection. Excellent air volume with less electrical amperage. This is very important when installing on older vehicles where the electrical systems are not upgraded to modern standards. Our HUMVEE – HMMWV system has the highest torque SPAl blower motors and largest independent coils ever, giving exceptional air volume and temperatures not matched by anyone else. This a/c system is complete, no hidden option to deal with later. And if there is ever a problem Restomod Air leads the industry in technical support.

humvee features all evap angles black
hmmwv tubes upclose
hmmwv tubes firewall


Midwest Military Equipment condensers utilize custom-made state of the art parallel flow “micro tube” condensers. These designs are used today on modern vehicles to reduce head pressures and to transfer heat more efficiently. With dozens of custom sizes and shapes available we tailor fit each one to your specific vehicle, making it a TruMOD. The engineers at Restomod Air have carefully matched the best condensers to not only your HUMVEE – HMMWV, but also to the coils in your evaporator. This leads to higher performance in all aspects of cooling and heating. Everything needed to get you up and running is here.

hmmwv single fan condenser mounted
hmmwv single fan condenser
hmmwv dual fan condenser

Single Fan Option Shown

Dual Fan Option Shown



Midwest Military Equipment offers two styles of compressors for your HUMVEE – HMMWV. Depending on your needs you can pick from our Double V-Groove A/C compressor or Multi-Groove (serpentine) A/C compressor. Each one of these compressors come complete with mounting brackets and hardware specific to the HUMVEE – HMMWV, making it a TruMOD.

hmmwv double v compressor
hmmwv serpentine compressor

Sanden Style Double V-Groove A/C Compressor

134a Top Ports: The most popular compressor and the most widely used compressor in the automotive aftermarket. Lightweight, compact design with 6,000 RPM continuous duty rating. Low horsepower requirement needed. This compressor is 8.5” Depth x 5.75” Diameter. Designed for 5/8” and fan belts using R134a refrigerant. This Compressor comes with oil already in.

Sanden Style Multi-Groove A/C Compressor

(Serpentine) 134a Top Ports: Lightweight, compact design with 6,000 RPM continuous duty rating. Low horsepower requirement needed. This compressor is 8.5” Depth x 5.75” Diameter. Designed for 5/8” and fan belts using R134a refrigerant. This Compressor comes with oil already in.

hmmwv compressor bracket
hmmwv serpentine belt compressor bracket

Bracket for Double V-Groove A/C Compressor: Complete bolt in system with every component necessary to get you going. Designed for V-belt and works on the 6.2L, 6.5L & 6.5L turbo engines. Comes with five-groove water pulley.

Bracket for Multi-Groove (Serpentine) A/C Compressor: Complete bolt in system with every component necessary to get you going. Designed for Multi-Groove Serpentine and works on the 6.2L, 6.5L & 6.5L turbo engines.


Midwest Military Equipments commitment to excellence begins before you ever call. When you call we listen to you. We promptly build, box and ship you new HUMVEE – HMMWV system complete, along with clear, concise instruction. During your installation process, we’re here with expert technical support to answer your questions. While traveling down the road, we’ll be here for you. NO ONE does this better.

For Engine Swap applications we are able to provide custom compressor's and mount's for the the following engine applications: Duramax , LS , Cummins & Powerstroke 

Flat Rate UPS Ground Anywhere In The Lower 48 $225

 All of our systems are built to order, please allow 7-10 Business Day Handling Time 


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