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LMTV / MTV Keyless Security System

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In a world where security is a necessity and convenience is king, RFID keyless technology is the perfect security solution for protecting your LMTV & MTV. The MME 12 Keyless Security Module keeps your dash looking authentic, while it protects you with powerful RFID security and provides effortless keyless convenience all in one amazing plug & play product. The MME 12 uses RFID proximity technology similar to that found on today’s finest luxury vehicles. You simply carry one of the systems digital RFID Tags with you. As you approach your vehicle, the MME 12 authenticates your unique RFID Tag and authorizes your ignition automatically. You just climb in, flip your start switch to ON, Start and GO! When your adventure is over, just switch off your engine and you just walk away . . . . .

As you leave proximity of your LMTV & MTV, the MME 12 automatically arms and your vehicle is completely secured. No keys to hassle with, No buttons to push, just absolute convenience and powerful security.

The MME 12 is proudly made in the USA and custom engineered for complete easy installation on all A0 & A1 Generation LMTV M1078, M1079, M1080, M1081 2 ½ Ton Trucks, FMTV M1083, M1084, M1085, M1086, M1087, M1088, M1089, M1090, M1091, M1095, M1096 5-Ton Trucks

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