M548A1 Tracked Amphibious Cargo Carrier 6 Ton .

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M548A1 Tracked Amphibious Cargo Carrier

- 20,000Lb Self Recovery Winch

- Very Rare to find one of these units in this type of condition in civilian hands!!


- The M548 tracked cargo carrier is an unarmored variant of the M113 APC.

- This vehicle was developed in 1965. It is a general purpose transport vehicle, intended to carry cargo or ammunition to forward areas. 

- Vehicle has a payload capacity of 5.45 t. It can carry three passengers in the cab and at least four in the cargo compartment.

- The M548 tracked carrier can be armed with a pintle-mounted 12.7-mm or 7.62-mm machine gun over the cab.

-  M548A1 supply carrier is powered by Detroit Diesel 6V53 diesel engine, developing 210 hp. 

- Engine is mounted behind the cab. 

- Vehicle has a low ground pressure and performs well in rugged terrain. 

- The M548 is fully amphibious on water it is propelled by its tracks.

- Vehicle can be airlifted by the C-130 Hercules. Its height can be reduced by removing top and folding windscreen.


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