M116 Husky Tracked Amphibious 1 1/2 Ton Cargo Carrier

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M116  Husky Tracked Amphibious 1 1/2 Ton Cargo Carrier

- Manufactured By Blaw-Knox Company (Mattoon, IL) 

- Date Of Manufacture 11-1962

- Government Overhauled @ TEAD in 05-1968

- Serial Number 10!!!!!!!

- Less than 200 Husky's were believed to be built

- Runs & Drives Like A Top!!!

- Tracks Have Street Pads for Asphalt or other improved surfaces

- Chevrolet V8, 283 cid, 160hp, gasoline

- Ramsey Front Mounted Winch

- GM Hydramatic, 4 fwd speeds with reverse 

- Combat Weight 10,600 LBS

- Length 188"

- Width 82"

- Height 79"

Ground Clearance 16"

Track Width 20"

Maximum Speed Land 37 MPH

Maximum Speed Water 4.2 MPH

- Spare set of tracks in very good condition included!!!!

- Extra Bogie Wheels Included 

- Original Tail Gate is also included but is bent and will require repair

- 2 Technical Manuels will be included with the sale


The Husky (formally Carrier, Cargo, Amphibious, M116) is a 1 1/2 ton capacity, low ground pressure cargo and personnel carrier capable of operating over all kinds of terrain and under all seasonal conditions in tropical, temperate and arctic zones. The Husky was designed to be fully amphibious without preparation of a fording kit. Propulsion and steering, both on land and water, are accomplished by movements of the tracks.

It is sometimes referred to as a marginal terrain vehicle and has served in that role from the hot swamps and paddies of Vietnam to the snow fields of Alaska.

The Husky body is made of aluminum. The body is open at top and normally is used with top bows and canvas for cover, but it can be covered with a fiberglass enclosure for colder weather. There is a front mounted winch.

Here is your chance to own one of the rarest tracked vehicles in civilian hands.


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