M939A2 5 Ton Truck

The M939A2 5 Ton Truck category features a range of products designed specifically for this powerful and reliable vehicle. With an 8.3L 6CTA Cummins Engine, this truck is built to handle tough terrains and heavy loads with ease.

Some of the essential products in this category include LED marker lights in red and amber for improved visibility on the road. The rear and front turn signal light lens covers ensure that your signals are clear and visible to other drivers. Replacement parts such as air filters for the Cummins engine and exterior door handles are also available to keep your truck in top condition.

Safety is a top priority with products like military red and amber reflectors, as well as rear tail/brake lights to alert other vehicles to your presence. Dual trumpet 24-volt air horns with a solenoid provide a loud and clear warning signal when needed. The turn signal control switch and flasher help you communicate your intentions on the road effectively.

For maintenance and repair needs, products like pinion seals for the Rockwell axles and military-grade wire connectors are available to keep your truck running smoothly. Overall, the M939A2 5 Ton Truck category offers a comprehensive selection of products to upgrade, maintain, and repair your military vehicle for optimal performance and safety on the road.

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