Pinball Hitch and 24v To 12V Military Truck To Civilian Trailer Light Converter For Humvee Cable

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The Pinball Hitch and 24v To 12V Military Truck To Civilian Trailer Light Converter For Humvee Cable is a versatile and essential accessory for your US military HMMWV or Humvee. This high-quality hitch is designed to work seamlessly with the standard pintle hitch already on your vehicle.

With the option to choose between pulling a pintle style trailer or using a ball hitch, you can ensure that your trailer is at the proper height for safe and efficient towing. The 24v to 12v converter cable included in this listing provides reliable power for your trailer lights, with features such as surge suppression, overload protection, and automatic reset for added peace of mind.

Easy to install with plug and play functionality, this converter cable eliminates the need for wire cutting or splicing. It is compatible with 3 lever or push button light switches, and can be used in both "service drive" and "park" modes. The cable takes power from the tail light circuit and converts it to 12 volts, providing power to your civilian trailer connector.

The standard version of the converter cable includes a 7-way RV style trailer connector mounted in a waterproof box, as well as a 6’ 12 pin NATO style cable that plugs directly into any standard military truck’s trailer socket. With this reliable and durable accessory, you can ensure that your trailer lights are powered efficiently and safely for all your towing needs.

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