24v to 12v Semi Tractor Plug Light Converter

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• 12 Volts @ 20 Amps (240 watts lighting power)

• Surge Suppression

• Overload Protection

• Automatic Reset

• Water-proof

• Plug & Play (no wire cutting or splicing)


• 3 Lever or Push Button Light Switch

• "Service Drive” and “Park” modes

How It Works

Takes power from the tail light circuit, wire #21, and converts it to 12 volts. That 12 volt power is fed into relays that are triggered by wires# 22-460 and 22-461, the left and right stop/turn circuits. The 12 volts from the power converter and relays are fed to a civilian trailer connector. The tractor versions have additional relays that provide separate turn and stop lighting circuits for semi trailers.

A note about power

The adapter will supply a total of 20 amps (240 watts) for trailer lighting. The standard 12 volt 1157 taillight bulb draws 26 watts for stop/turn and 8 watts for tail. A typical trailer setup of two stop/turn/tail light bulbs (one per side) with running lights on and brakes applied will use 68 watts, leaving 172 watts for marker lights (they tend to be 8 watts or less, so at least enough power for 20 of them). Or a ridiculous number of LED lamps. A load of greater than 240 watts will overload the converter and cause it to shutdown. The converter will auto-reset once the overload is cleared. 

Detail of Standard Versions

Semi Trailer Converter Cable 

The Standard Converter Cable has a standard semi trailer connector mounted in a waterproof box and a 6’ 12 pin NATO style cable that plugs directly into any standard military truck’s trailer socket.


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