Self Contained Crysteel 17.6' Dump Body Designed For Hook N Lift System

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Crysteel Module Dump Body, Model#132632, XM6 demounted dump body. Holds 16 cubic yards of rock, sand, gravel, hot paving mixes, earth, clay, rubble, large boulders, etc. Powered by a universal power interface kit (UPIK) which allows the module to be operated from the cab of the palletized loading system (PLS). 


These beds appear to have little to no use. All hinges are tight and beds hold water. No large dents or cracks.


Complete with inverted hoist, Pneumatic Gate, Tarp System, Hydraulic Tank & Large Spreader Lip. Hook lift system easily removable for installation on a normal truck frame.

Lifting capacity of 40 ton 
Front is made of 3/16 A1011
Floor is made of 1/4 AR400
Sides and rear panel is made of 7 Gauge
Bed Length is 17.6'


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